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Atom Hack Settings View

Atom is known to everybody as the “Hackable to the core” editor. And it really is. Provided that you understand a little bit of CoffeeScript, JavaScript and CSS (actually LESS), and that you have the patience to untangle its source code, you have at your hands one of the most powerful editors in the open-source community.

In this post I will explain how to add a new lateral tab in the classic settings panel. This option may be very useful if your package needs a more advanced configuration page, which may be too complex to be rendered in the default package settings.

Anyway be aware that there’s a reason why Atom developers haven’t made such a feature available trough public API, in fact a clogged settings view UI is certainly something that we shouldn’t want. Read the rest of this entry »

Cinnamon on Arch Linux

One of the best GNU/Linux distributions I used is Linux Mint Cinnamon edition. It’s quick, stable and good-looking. But some time ago, I discovered Arch Linux, and I immediately started using it. Thanks to its great possibilities to customize every bit of the system, I actually managed to recreate the Linux Mint look and feeling, but still having in the background the power of Arch Linux. Sadly some minor features that are present in Mint disappeared (quite obvious) in Arch, such as the right click “Uninstall” button in the main application menu.

Furthermore, recently I managed to get my nVidia card working on Linux, using bumblebee, and I discovered that there were no easy and quick means to use bumblebee to run a program from the desktop manager which didn’t involve opening a terminal.

So I thought: let’s try and fix it… In this post I’ll explain what I did and provide the links to download my modifications.

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Elementary Periodic Table

If you need a great, easy and free periodic table app for Android, Elementary, developed by UltraMega Software, is what you’re looking for!

It offers both the classic table view and a list view of the elements, which you can click to see its properties.

It’s available in English, Spanish and Italian, and downloadable by Google Play, Amazon or F-Droid; the source is available on Github.

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