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HP11em v0.0.5

A HP11em emulator screenshot

HP11em v0.0.5, with many improvments, including a new calculator skin (CC BY-SA 4.0), a complete core rewrite, fixed and scientific notation and keyboard support, is now available.

You can download it from GitHub:


For further information see the HP11em page.


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HP11em, a C++, GTK, Linux, simple HP-11C calculator emulator, is available on GitHub.

The HP-11C was a mid range RPN scientific programmable calculator, produced by Hewlett Packard from 1981 to 1989; it was part of the HP Voyager series, which included a basic scientific calculator (HP-10C), a business one (HP-12C), an advanced scientific one (HP-15C) and another one for computer programmers (HP-16C), too.

This emulator aims at reproducing the same functionalities of the HP-11C, without the need of any original ROM.

Currently it is not even remotely to be considered completed, but I decided to publish it, under the GPLv3 license, of course, so that anybody who is interested in it can contribute.

At the moment it offers the following functionalities:

  • simple GTK GUI, almost finished, with a realistic picture of the original calculator
  • (very) basic operations (+, -, ×, ÷, log, ln, sqrt, square, int, frac, 1/x, y^x, 10^x, abs, chs, pi);
  • storage(STO) and recall(RCL) functions;
  • stack operations (shift, x y exchange, CLx).

It does NOT support the following functionalities:

  • trigonometric functions;
  • percent difference;
  • polar and rectangular conversion;
  • statistic functions;
  • engineering notation;
  • exponents (EEX key);
  • programming mode.

For more information about HP-11C see the following links:

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