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FIAT Barchetta

Let’s make a long story short… I’ve been the owner of a FIAT Barchetta for a long time. The radio installed in this car is code protected, meaning that if you disconnect the radio from the car (or the battery from the car) the next time you switch the radio on it asks for a code.

When I purchased my Barchetta in 1996 I received a ticket with my code. During the years I probably changed the code to a different one, I don’t remember. The thing is that some years ago, when I had to change the battery of the car, I was not able to find the ticket or remember the code and my radio has been blocked since then.

So I started my investigation and I managed to have my radio working again in a few days. I’ll explain how in the following, giving all the details, but be advised that it’s not something for a total beginner: you’ll need to have some skills in electronics and soldering, and some specific tools that are more usual for a hacker than for an average car owner…

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